Theatre Venues
Theatre Venues

One of the unique qualities of the Wuzhen Theatre Festival is the charm and variety of all of its theatre 

spaces. Within walking distance from each other, within the old town, there are seven indoor venues that sport widely differing characteristics -- all exuding the charm and beauty of the old town. There is also a large amphitheatre and many outdoor plazas suited for performance. These striking venues create a theatre cluster that is not only unique in China, but in any theatre festival in the world.

Wuzhen has invested in the construction of the Wuzhen Grand Theatre, designed by the renowned architect Kris Yao. Amongst the historical buildings of the Western District, Festival Director Chen Xianghong and Artistic Director Stan Lai have led the planning and design for the reconstruction and renovation of five smaller venues. Together they form the Wuzhen theatre cluster, which unites the allure of the old town with the unlimited imagination of performing arts, creating the timeless appeal of the Festival. The majestic Wuzhen Grand Theatre has quickly become a landmark, and often referred to as the most beautiful large theatre in China. Each of the smaller venues has in its own historical heritage and unique spatial quality. When the Festival is not running, all these venues are used for artistic events.

  • Wuzhen Grand Theatre

  • Studio Theatre of the Grand Theatre

  • Ancient Courtyard Theatre

  • Shen Estate Teahouse Theatre

  • East Warehouse Theatre

  • West Warehouse Theatre

  • Traditional Storytelling Hall

  • Outdoor Plaza

  • Water Theatre

  • Shi Tian Square