Festival Committee
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Huang Lei
Producing Director and co-founder

Huang is one of the most prominent actors in China, with acclaimed performances in theatre, television and film. His self-directed and performed TV series Lost Time was shot in Wuzhen in 2003 and won him great popularity and fame all over China, while introducing the timeless beauty of Wuzhen to the public. The air of new humanism in Lost Time can find its lineage from his other famous TV series, When in April (1999) and When Tangerines Turn Red (2001), which propelled him to stardom. Although equally capable of doing TV, movies and stage performing, Huang prefers the stage. In Stan Lai’s Secret Love in Peach Blossom Land, Huang has appeared in over 200 performances although he was originally only scheduled for nine. In 2010, Huang performed in  Four Generations under One Roof, produced by the National Theatre of China, which will be one of the featured performances of the 2013 Inarguable Wuzhen Festival.

Huang Lei is also part of the jury for this year's Festival.